WP7 App: Office 365 Mobile Admin

Durch Zufall bin ich gerade auf folgende Applikation gestossen.
Sie ist zwar kostenlos, benötigt aber für $1,99 eine Subscription. Anscheinend wird ein Dienst wie z.B. Azure im Hintergrund benutzt.

Office 365 Mobile Admin

While Office 365 allows users to work anywhere, anytime – to perform management tasks administrators need access to a web browser which can be quite frustrating and time consuming on a screen any smaller than that of a tablet.
The Office 365 Mobile Admin application by Xstran allows administrators to perform simple user management functions from the palm of their hand by using their phones.

What the app allows you to do:
– Create users
– Modify user properties
– Reset passwords
– Disable accounts
– Delete users

At this time the app does not support DirSync or ADFS environments however this will be available in the near future (as well as many other features).
Without a subscription to the Xstran Office 365 Mobile Admin service you can only obtain a listing of users and view their properties.

Viel Spass unter http://www.xstran.com/solutions/office-365-mobile-admin/


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