How-To – Migrating a FOPE only Account to Office365


In this case, we are looking to customers there have an old Microsoft Online ForeFront Protection Account only. This service is now since 5 to 6 years old and not every customer has got a BPOS account, too.

When you try to add your domain in Office 365, there isn’t an error like when you have an additional account in BPOS, because the error check only BPOS accounts. Without this error, you can see your new Office 365 domain configuration, but now emails arrived. The magic is inside ForeFront FOPE.

Go to your Outlook Weblogin, from there you can login to directly to your FOPE configuration. You can see the new domain with enhanced text like “…duplicated_domain”.

So, as FOPE only customer you must delete your domain and configure your entries before you add your Office 365 domain configuration. But urgently, don’t delete your master account (like When you delete that account, you can’t login again to configure some misconfigured entries. Add a new domain, like and a new master user and configure that account as Administrator with full access before your configure (delete) your working domain.

In my case, I wait for some minutes and all was gone.
But it is better, when you open a free support ticket in FOPE (Tip: the Office 365 and BPOS support is NOT the same technical support as the FOPE support!). Write them like: “subject: FOPE to Office 365 – Plz delete my xxx domain. Text: Hi, I configure my domain xxx to configure that domain as my new working domain in my new Office 365 account. Please delete the FOPE configuration. Regards, customer name.” (you can write that text in german, there is a german support, too.)

Wait for a callback to your phone. The support is very friendly and spoke german. He is asking you some questions, tell him the same text. It is important, that you are online and logged in into your FOPE account, so you can to do all necessary steps. When you are not online, you can arrange a new phone call to a time, where do you online and can work. So, when you are online, you can now delete your domain, the support is looking inside his administration tools. Normally he said “Perfect. I do my next steps. When there is done, you can do your next steps inside Office 365.”

Wait the minutes. It isn’t a problem, when your mails don’t arrived for some errors. Most of senders are configure their email servers with standard configuration. The SMTP RfC define 24 hours to resend an email when the email server isn’t answer. But normally, where are talking here about 15 and 120 minutes.

Try to add your new domain in Office 365 and go into Outlook Weblogin and from there to your FOPE account. When you see your domain without any “…duplicated_domain” all is done, when you see that errors, delete the domain in Office 365 again and wait.

My support calls me three hours back, and asked me if all OK and if I needing more help. After that, he closed the ticket and all my domains are now working.

Hope, that helps you. When you need more help, write me to mkn [at] our company is a SPLA reseller and can help you in many situation with our long year experience.

Attached is a short workflow .

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