European SharePoint Community Award 2012 Finalist: Whitepaper Office 365 and CRM Online and Windows Intune Integration

Whitepaper: AvePoint and Office 365 and CRM Online and Windows Intune Integration: This Whitepaper is one of the finalist documents from the last “European SharePoint Community Award 2012” and describe a complete cloud solution with combination of all relevant technologies.

I am not the winner, but I say “Thank You” to everybody, who is voted for me. I have the second place and i am very happy about that. 🙂

From inside the paper:

“Target of the solution is a combination of different online and offline products as a “Hybrid Cloud Solution”.
The customer has got a company with worldwide offices and a corporate headquarters in Germany, Bavaria.
Today, the customer doesn’t use SharePoint or CRM and is thinking about a new centralized solution to share his internal know-ledge, business data and product content with all employees and external partners and resellers. The international sales team needs actual customer and partner data include actual content from corporate headquarter. Also, the company want, that all customers, over 30 worldwide resellers, have got all product and business information’s with secure and controlled access and just-in time. Additional, the customer needs control over the Notebooks of the sales staff.
After two workshops with the customer, we defined some core products to implementing core technologies as a hybrid cloud solution.”

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