How to create one of the 250 free .EU TLD (first year new registration)?


We, ANK Business Services know the problem for some customers, to become a new domain for Office365.

So we offer you and everybody (maximum 250 different peoples or companies) who want following option:

  • Add us as your Microsoft Partner in your Office 365 Panel for minimum 6 months and we give you a free .eu domain name with following options:


  • 5 eMail accounts with 500 MB space for every eMail user (include free fraud, spam and virus protection)
  • Unlimited eMail Forwards
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Bulk Tools for Domain registration
  • Domain Forwarding (with / without domain masking and SEO)
  • DNS Management (TXT, Service, website location, MX, sub-domains, aliases, FTP and more)
  • Privacy Protect at WHOIS
  • Easy Use Control Panel
  • 30 Day Money Back


The offering is a “credit back option” or a “debit credit option”. You can pay your domain and register us later as Microsoft Partner or don’t pay and register us as Microsoft Partner before we give you a credit in your account.

Attention: When you cancel your order for waiting to your credit, we need up to 96 hours to configure your credit. When you need your domain faster, please pay your domain. You have got a 30 day “No Question Guarantee”.

Attention: When you cancel us as your Microsoft Partner before the 6 months, we delete the domain in a timeframe of 72 hours or you pay for it.

Attention: This offering has an ending date 30.09.2011! If there are more than 250 peoples or companies, the countdown is stopping earlier


More Options with your free domain name


As additional benefit, you have got some more options with this account


  • Use the 5 free eMail user accounts for your “forwarding rules” in your Exchange Online configuration. You can define forwarding rules for your different exchange accounts or eMail Aliases to these 5 different free email accounts as a backup option
  • Configure this domain as an additional MX record for disaster scenarios when Office 365 is down or not responsible for incoming or outgoing eMail transfer – Business Continue
  • Configure all your Office 365 settings without any problems from any other “free mailer” companies
  • Configure sub domains for different configurations like Lync , Exchange and SharePoint
  • Order later a web site for your company as “Start Site” with your root domain and configure Aliases (CNMAE) with Office 365 SharePoint Sites
  • And many others… we describe them in the next blog entry



Step by Step configuration


Go to

Register on the right side a new customer account


Fill out the registration form with your details.

It is important, that you don’t write a zero (0) as a first number in your fon details:

  • Right à 49 4321 1111111
  • Wrong à 49 04321 111111

Because, these information’s are for your domain registration and some registrars doesn’t accept the number zero (0).

When you are login to the shop with your customer details, you can manage later your products.

Now, you can register your domain.

Go to “Domains à Register New”

In this windows, you must deactivate top Level Domains like “.me” and activate “.eu” to become your free domain offering.

Fill out in the white space your new domain name without an extension like “my-new-office365-domain”.

Later when you register your free domain for the first year, you can register any products you like. But for this step, we need an initial order to give your money back. We can’t give you your free domain for the first year, when you order any other products in the same registration process or the same invoice.

Click on “Search for Domain Name(s)” at the end of the form.

After that, you can see your domain and some other related. Please don’t activate them now.

Click to “Add To Cart”

At the next site, you can control your data like domain name and contact information. You can select a longer registration time as one year (up to 10 years), but we give you only the first year of new domain registration back.

When you want, you can activate the privacy protecting of your registration details via WHOIS.

Click now “Continue”

Normally, you can combine your domain registration with our cheap webserver offerings, but please, not when you want your free first year domain registration.

Please click “No thanks, Proceed to Checkout”.

For the last time, control the domain name and your shopping cart.

Please click now the “No Spam policy” and the button “Proceed to Payment”.


On the next page, click “Add Funds”

Add the required “3.50 EURO” per PayPal or PayPal Credit Card (with a guest account) to your account.

After you paid, your domain registration is starting and you can work in minutes with your new domain name in Microsoft Office 365. Attention, you have a 30 days money back guarantee without any questions.



But, you can cancel this transaction and go back to the administration panel.

Click “Domains à List All Orders” and click on your new domain name.

You can see your registration details. At this moment, the domain isn’t active.

You can use your new domain when:

  • You pay it yourself and register us as your Partner inside Office 365 (after you adding us as your Partner, we give you a credit for 3.5 EURO back to your account)
  • You don’t pay and register us as your Partner inside Office 365 (after you adding us as your Partner, we give you a credit for 3.5 EURO, so you can pay your domain with a “credit” – the setup time is between 48 and 96 hours)


This is an offering from

ANK Business Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Michael Kirst-Neshva
our UserGroup website is
eMail your questions to:

Microsoft Partner-ID: 1551538


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