Microsoft Lync 2010 Adoption and Training Kit

Microsoft hat unter diesem Titel nun inzwischen neue Tools online gestellt.
Was bringt aber diese Seite?

The Microsoft Lync 2010 Adoption and Training Kit provides a one-stop shop for resources for IT pros, project managers, help desk agents, and trainers. The kit provides:

  • A workbook that provides step-by-step guidance for each phase of the rollout and adoption process
  • Adoption and training resources, such as primers, email templates, and templates for a custom Lync 2010 intranet site to help organizations successfully roll out Lync
  • Modular, reusable, rebrandable, and in most cases, customizable user education and training materials, including frequently asked questions, Quick Start guides, how-to videos, Work Smart guides, and training videos
  • Buzzworthy applications such as IM an Expert and learning tools such as the Lync How-to that you can use to generate user excitement and drive the adoption of Lync

Tools und Apps bieten interessante neue Möglichkeiten um zum Beispiel in Verbindung mit SharePoint 2010 neue Verbindungen zu suchen und knüpfen.
Dazu gibt es das Tool

IM an Expert

IM an Expert is a social networking tool that helps the people in your organization who have questions find the people in your organization who have answers. IM an Expert was originally developed by Microsoft Research and allows users to ask questions on any subject using Lync 2010 instant messaging (IM). IM an Expert parses the question to determine the topic area, finds topic area experts in its user-populated expert database, and forwards the question. A willing expert responds to the initial question and follow-up questions using Lync. IM an Expert builds a knowledge base of questions and answers and provides statistics on queries, answers, and perceived quality.


Conversation Translator

Conversation Translator provides a real-time language translation service for Lync instant messaging (IM) conversations. With Conversation Translator, both the sender and receiver can converse in their native language, and Conversation Translator handles the translation. Powered by the Microsoft Translator Web Service, Conversation Translator currently supports translation between 35 languages.


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