Im Office 365 – Exchange Online – gibt es ganz leise eine Aktualisierung, die sogar Kinder nutzen können 🙂

  • Automatic sync when you sign in: Each time you sign in, your connected accounts are immediately synchronized.
  • Faster sync intervals: While you are signed in, your connected accounts are checked more frequently.
  • On-demand sync using the Refresh button: While you are signed in, you can click the Refresh button to check your Connected Accounts for new messages.

und wie einfach das zu nutzen ist, zeigt das kleine Mädchen im Video.

kurz gesagt…. Die ewige Konfiguration im Outlook für seine 5 POP3 und IMAP Konten könnte damit zur Vergangenheit gehören.

Exchange Online im Office 365 hat das Zeug dafür, die zentrale eMail Schnittstelle zu werden.


You can connect to as many as five e-mail accounts from your cloud-based account. This lets you send, receive, and read e-mail messages from those connected accounts in Outlook Web App. Get started by going to Options > See All Options > Account > Connected Accounts.


This feature may not be available for your account.


Get E-mail from Other Accounts

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